MOSTLY JOBIM - 2013 Release


Kozuch delves into the Jobim songbook with a clean, glassy and organic sound to her tone….Impressive! ~George W. Harris, JazzWeekly


Annie Kozuch truly has the knack for presenting specialized material with artful perfection.

~ Dan Singer, In Tune International


Kozuch and her jazzbo pals deliver the goods just right…Fun, fine stuff that was meant to be enjoyed. ~Chris Spector, MidwestRecord


Singing the songs of Tom Jobim can be cool enough in English, but sung unforced and naturally in Portuguese is even more impressive. And Kozuch takes them on with style, sophistication and perfect intonation. There’s a “sweetness” to her voice that lends itself well to Jobim classics. Her accompanying group, featuring a dose of Brazilian style guitar, is suave and savvy. If you dug the Getz-Jobim collaborations from the past, you’ll surely know every tune. And you’ll like what you hear.

~George Fennel, Jazz Scene of Oregon


Ms. Kozuch sings in clear, un-dramatized vocals, with a focus on musicality and lyricism. Her precise Portuguese inflection is showcased throughout this track. ~Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower,





Here With You - 2010 Release


Breezy and sexy, Jobim's music could have only come from Southern Hemispheric climes, and Kozuch knows how to tap into the humidity.

~C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz


Vocalist Annie Kozuch takes swing tunes from the ‘40s and bossa nova numbers from the ‘50s and makes them sound like they were made for modern radio played alongside Christina Aguilera and Train…Kozuch’s forte is her smooth vocal stride which can rival the great ladies of swing….Here With You is music that warms the soul and the placates the breath like the soothing twits of a canary’s song.  ~Jazz Inside


A solid singer with clean, clear back up--something so easy to take for granted.  A well traveled singer that has a load of highlights on her resume, Kozuch keeps it low key on her debut but don’t you underestimate the fire burning throughout.  Easy, after hours jazz with a raft of familiar faves that she does proper justice to, this is the comfy kind of record you want to be able to reach for when the noise of the day has finally worn you down.  A tasty winner throughout.

~ Chris Spector, Midwest Record


Ms. Kozuch was worth the wait in many different ways. Her delivery has a cultural draw to it which for many has a personal chart presence to it. Her  tone and tempo is spot on… I like this artist on mnay levels. Ms. Kozuch will not derail your faith once spun. The uplifting loveliness of her performance will capture your attention.

~ Karl Stober, JazzTrenzz


Kozuch gives a stellar performance...nails down and firmly captures the essence...with a captivating style and flair that was well worth the wait. ~ CriticalJazz

…she nails this one [“Agua de Beber”] better than Sinatra did on his famed collaboration with Jobim in the 1960s. The CD is a good addition for collector fans of Jobim, if only to hear these fine arrangements. ~ John Hoglund, Cabaret Scenes



In several ways, there's more than a little Doris Day in Kozuch—minus, of course, Day's penchant for brassiness—so if ya happen to be a Gloomy Gus, Mostly Jobim is going to be medicine for what ails ya. Turn that frown upside-down, Brown, and bop along with Annie...the delicacy of her recitals will enchant and entice. ~Mark Tucker, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange [FAME]

...dalla pronuncia perfetta e capace di trasportare quei ritmi che tanto andavano di moda negli anni `60 nell´era moderna di internet rendendoli anche oggi affascinanti e dall´apparenza moderna...La musica è affascinante così come la cantante

~Vittorio Lo Conte,


…gentle ear candy, effective and engaging,…

~John Hoglund, Cabaret Scenes


Annie Kozuch surrounded herself with a group of great musicians for this album, but there is no doubt who is the star here. Annie is not just another beautiful voice, she is a versatile singer capable of singing in different styles and languages. ~ Wilbert Sostre,  JazzTimes

This the début album of actress and singer Annie

Kozuch, has produced one of the best jazz and Latin primers I have ever heard. Here With You is so assured and full of confidence and the selection of songs so well done that this is one of the best listening experiences I've had in a long time. It also goes without saying that she has one of the most pleasing soprano voices I have heard in a long time.Here With You is simply one of those albums that exudes quality throughout and you can't help wonder where such a vocalist has been. This album deserves to be played strongly on the radio and picked up by one of the major record labels.

~John M. Peters, Borderland [UK Publication]